Popup Workshop

Sue Hendrix

Popup Workshop (2.0) is a program to help you design simple pop-up books and cards, and print a pattern on your printer to cut and fold.

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Mac download

Windows download

For the Mac: The downloaded disk image should automatically open and mount. If it does not, double click the .dmg file that you downloaded to open and mount the disk image containing the Popup Workshop folder. Drag the Popup Workshop folder to your Applications folder. Double-click the Workshop icon to start Popup Workshop.

For Windows: Click on the download link, and choose “Save” to download the zip folder. If the file extension on the downloaded folder is .exe, change the extension on the folder from .exe to .zip. Double-click to obtain the .jar file. Double-click the .jar file to run Popup Workshop.

Popup Workshop is a research software environment. This software is offered free of charge. Redistribution of the software for personal commercial gain is prohibited. The user assumes all liability for trying out the software.