Craft Tech outreach activities include workshops, demos, and lab open houses with the goal of getting elementary, middle, and high school students excited about math, computer science, and engineering.

2016-2017:  Hyunjoo Oh and Sherry Hsi, (along with other colleagues – ) have been conducting workshops where kids and adults build paper machines using her FoldMecha software.  Their most recent workshop was held at the Tangible, Embedded and Interactive conference in Yokohama, Japan.  Hyunjoo and Sherry have also led workshops in Chicago (Digital Youth Divas summer camp), San Francisco (Educator workshop at Manylabs), and Berkeley (TechHive Studio).

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Design projected on spherical display at NOAA, Boulder.

2015:  Hilary Peddicord (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA) and Mike Eisenberg co-taught a 4-session Math on a Sphere workshop with Kristi Winseck’s students at Casey Middle School in Boulder.  Students learned some spherical geometry, how to design patterns using Math on a Sphere software, and finished by presenting their designs on the large spherical display at NOAA in Boulder.  Click here to see all of the designs, and here are photos from a similar workshop held in May 2014 as well.   The Math on a Sphere project is a collaboration between Craft Tech, Sherry Hsi from the Lawrence Hall of Science, and NOAA.

Ann and Mike Eisenberg have conducted week-long summer camps in “Creative Engineering” through the CU Science Discovery Program.  Click here (2012) and here (2009) to see more photos of paper sculpture designed and built by middle school students using JavaGami software.  We have also taught Creative Engineering as a high school course at the Denver School of Science and Technology.  See a variety of student projects here.