Math on a Sphere

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Math on a Sphere: An Interactive Exploration of Non-Euclidean Ideas for Public Audiences is a collaboration between the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder), and the University of California Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS).  The goal of this project is to explore, prototype, design, implement, and evaluate a system for interacting directly with a large high-resolution spherical display, NOAA’s “Science on a Sphere”.

By creating, designing, and sharing graphical effects for this remarkable public display, learners, museum visitors, and public audiences will derive a deeper engagement with elegant, but essential ideas in geometry, computational thinking, and mathematics.

MOS NSF logoThis work has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the Informal Science Education solicitation, project type: Pathways, starting November 1, 2011. This project is co-led by Mike Eisenberg, Professor of Computer Science at CU Boulder and Director of the Craft Technology Group;  and Sherry Hsi, Research Director in the Center for Technology Innovation at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

A selection of related publications is listed on the Publications page

A number of staff, students, partners, and volunteers have helped advance the technical and educational objectives of the MoS project, including:

  • Developers: Antranig Basman, Michelle Bourgeois Redick
  • SoS Tech Support: Dan Bluestein, Toshi Komatsu, Matt Jacoby, Graham Patterson
  • Program Staff & Educators: Sarah Elovich, Elizabeth Hager-Barnard, Christopher Perdue, Risa Wolfson
  • Evaluators: Maia Werner-Avidon, Dawn Roble, Lisa Newton
  • Science Education Community Partners: Hilary Peddicord, NOAA Earth Systems Laboratory; Nancy Alima Ali, Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley