Maker Resources

Where to find STUFF:

  • Art Parts:  a treasure trove of art, craft, and other reusable materials:  wood, paper, paint, fabric, yarn … just about anything crafty, with the joy of the hunt.
  • Resource Central:  recycled building materials, tool library.
  • Colorado Plastics:  plastics of all types – lots of laser cutter-compatible acrylic, Delrin, machinable plastics, etc.  The fourth Friday of each month is 1/2 price by the pound for acrylic scrap material.
  • McGuckin Hardware:  everything imaginable, including hobby-grade balsa/basswood/hardwood, hand tools, machine tools, electrical supplies, large selection of Dremel attachments.
  • JoAnn Fabrics:  well-stocked store with wide selection of fabrics in addition to a general craft section.  Pro-tip:  take a multimeter to find conductive fabric.
  • Michael’s Arts and Crafts:  the Boulder store is recently renovated and quite large.  There is a slightly smaller (but still quite large) store in Superior.
  • National Balsa (online only):  reliable supplier of basswood and hardwood sheets.

Local Makerspaces

Electronics (online with local pick-up):

  • SparkFun:  our local go-to for electronics.  Order online and pick-up the same day in Niwot.  The website has many tutorials.  [note:  local pick-up is not available due to the pandemic]

Electronics (online):

  • Chibitronics:  tools, materials, and ideas for paper circuits.
  • AdaFruit:  another go-to for electronics.
  • Digi-Key:  the website is a bit overwhelming, but if it is an electronic component, they have it.
  • Leah Buechley’s resource list.  This is an older page, but it has many informative links to tools and materials.

Tutorials and Inspiration:

  • Instructables:  a mega resource for Makers, DIY-ers, kids, teachers, anyone.  Visit, browse, write your own.
  • Make: Community:  another mega resource including:  project ideas, tutorials, information, supplies, hardware guides, educational resources, podcasts, and back issues of Make: magazine.  Spend time browsing.  You’ll find cool things to think about!
  • Thingiverse:  open source files for 3D printed objects.  This is another gigantic resource.