Art Exhibitions

Denver Art Museum’s “Untitled #49” was an event centered around the idea of hands-on design.  We had a small HyperGami/JavaGami exhibition, and hosted a collaborative polyhedron-building party alongside U-Cube project demos.  (Summer 2012)


See the Denver Art Museum video of that night.

Craft Tech exhibited work at the second-ever Maker Faire (San Mateo, 2007).  First photo:  Computer-assisted embroidery (Leah Buechley); Pop-up sculpture (Sue Hendrix); HyperGami sculpture (Ann & Mike Eisenberg).  Second photo:  Interactive ‘Game of Life’ (Nwanua Elumeze); Seal mechanical automaton (Glenn Blauvelt); Laser cut saddleform surface (Mike Eisenberg); Laser-cut bag design (Leah Buechley).



HyperGami Sculpture Exhibition, Mariani Gallery, University of Northern Colorado, 2007.

2007 UNC Exhibit