Ph.D. Dissertations

Hyunjoo Oh, 2018
Computational Design Tools and Techniques for Paper Mechatronics

Swaminathan Ananthanarayan, 2015
Health Craft:  A Computational Toolkit for Motivating Health Awareness in Children

Ben Leduc-Mills, 2014
Embodied Fabrication:  Body-Centric Devices for Novice Designers

Yingdan Huang, 2012
Easigami:  Virtual Creation by Physical Folding

Nwanua Elumeze, 2010
Ambient Programming

Susan Hendrix, 2008
Popup Workshop:  Computationally Enhanced Paper Engineering for Children

Leah Buechley, 2007
An Investigation of Computational Textiles with Applications to Education and Design

Glenn Blauvelt, 2006
MachineShop:  A Design Environment for Supporting Children’s Construction of Mechanical Reasoning and Spatial Cognition

Tom Wrensch, 2002
Programming computationally enhanced craft items

Chris Digiano, 1996
Self-disclosing design tools: An incremental approach toward end-user programming

Julie DiBiase, 1995
Building curricula to shape cognitive models: A case study of higher order procedures