Chris Hill

Chris is a Ph.D. student in Creative Technology & Design at the CU Boulder ATLAS Institute. He is a McNair Scholar, a Google CS Research Mentorship participant, and a Computing Research Association – outstanding undergraduate researcher honorable mention student whose research interests lie in human augmentation, sensory extension, transhumanism, biohacking, emergent technology, and educational technology. These interests culminate in the development of sensory extensions and augmentation devices that encourage replication and scientific discovery, with the intent that these open source projects have the potential to lead to a stronger augmentation community and the dispersion of more novel ideas.

IMG_6626Chris’ projects focus on the creation of novel, computationally-enriched “sensory extensions” that allow for augmented-sensing of the natural world. His major effort with the projects is devoted to the fabrication and implementation of sensory augmentations that will extend a sense through hardware and respond with a tactile output for the user. The intent is to enable anyone to fabricate their own sensory extensions, and thus map intrinsically human senses onto hardware. This will effectively extend our senses in new and exciting ways that will lead to a better understanding of how our brain is able to adapt to new external senses and the natural world.

His work has been featured several times in the CU Boulder’s undergraduate education newsletter; selected as an editor’s choice “featured” Instructable; cited in an upcoming book:  A Broad View of Wearables as Learning Technologies: Current and Emerging Applications; as well as being featured on the official Arduino twitter page, a publication on the blog, and most recently on the Gizmodo Japan site.