Ann Eisenberg

Director, Craft Technology Lab
Senior Research Scientist, CU Institute of Cognitive Science
Affiliate Faculty, CU ATLAS Institute

Research areas: Computational craft, math and science education, Constructionism, playful tinkering

Denver Art Museum, 2012

HyperGami and JavaGami are software environments my husband (Mike Eisenberg) and I built for the design of three-dimensional paper sculpture, and 3D-printable geometric forms.

The development of HyperGami and JavaGami grew into a more general interest in exploring the way that computers can enhance the design of real-world “making”, crafting, and DIY.  My work in this area involves the integration of computation with many forms of media — including wood, plaster, acrylic, and fabric.  Visit the rest of the Craft Technology Lab’s website for more information about many different projects in these areas.  ThingiverseInstructables, and the Make website are great resources and provide an introduction to the world of tinkering.

Current grants:

Inclusively-designing sensory extensions for STEM inquiry learning.

PI: Emily Moore, Co-PI: Ann Eisenberg

Oct. 1, 2021 – March 31, 2024
National Science Foundation

Debugging by Design: Developing a Tool Set for Debugging with Electronic Textiles to Promote Computational and Engineering Thinking in High School

Funded (2017-2021) by The National Science Foundation

PI:  Ann Eisenberg, Co-PI: Mark Gross, U. Colorado
Doctoral Student Researchers:  Chris Hill, Michael Schneider
Collaborators: Yasmin Kafai, University of Pennsylvania; Debbie Fields, Utah State University
Contributors: Rona Sadan, Ethan Frier, Arielle Blum

Recent grant:

Paper Mechatronics
Funded (2017-2020) by the National Science Foundation.
Sherry Hsi (PI), The Concord Consortium; Mike Eisenberg (Co-PI), CU Boulder.  Ann Eisenberg, (Co-PI), CU Boulder.  Primary development by Hyunjoo Oh, ATLAS Ph.D. graduate, CU Boulder, now faculty at Georgia Tech.

My research gate link is here.
Downloadable publications and abstracts (2018-2021) are here. All publications are listed under the Publications menu item.
My open-source downloadable 3D-printable sculptures are available here at Thingiverse.

Recent Publications:

Hill, C.; Schneider, M.; Eisenberg, A.; Gross, M. 2021. The ThreadBoard: Designing an E-Textile Rapid Prototyping Board. In Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI ’21) (virtual conference). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 23, 1–7. DOI:

Hill, C.; Schneider, M.; Gross, M.; Eisenberg, A.; Blum, A.  2020.  A Wearable Meter That Actively Monitors the Continuity of E-Textile Circuits as They Are Sewn.    To appear in Proceedings of FabLearn 2020.  New York, NY.  Oct. 10-11, 2020. (virtual)

Book chapters:

Eisenberg, M. and Eisenberg, A. Sensory Extension as a Tool for Cognitive Learning. In Handbook of Research on Maximizing Cognitive Learning through Knowledge Visualization (ed. A. Ursyn).  2015.

Eisenberg, M.; Eisenberg, A.; and Huang, Y.  Bringing E-Textiles into Engineering Education.   In Textile Messages: Dispatches from the World of E-Textiles and Education (eds. Y. Kafai, L. Buechley, K. Peppler, M. Eisenberg), Routledge, 2013.


Mark Gross, CU ATLAS Institute
Sherry Hsi, The Concord Consortium
Hyunjoo Oh,  School of Industrial Design/School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Tech
Leah Buechley, Dept. of Computer Science, University of New Mexico.