Craft Technology

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Craft technology is our term for the interweaving of computation with craft materials. This blending can take many forms, including the application of specialized software to aid in the design and construction of crafts (such as mechanical toys and paper sculpture) and in the creation of craft objects with embedded intelligence. Our particular interests lie in the educational realm – that is, we are especially interested in extending the landscape of children’s craft activities.

In Memoriam …

Here’s a quick-start guide to using the new Makey:bit Adventure Board with an OLED! This is perfect for people brand new to #microbit and #makecode. #Makeybit @makershed

Jackpot! We found some gorgeous colorful acrylic at @ColoradoPlastic fourth Friday remnant sale. We’re stocking up for project prototyping and fabrication in the @cuatlas Design a Science Exhibit class.

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