Craft Technology

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Craft technology is our term for the interweaving of computation with craft materials. This blending can take many forms, including the application of specialized software to aid in the design and construction of crafts (such as mechanical toys and paper sculpture) and in the creation of craft objects with embedded intelligence. Our particular interests lie in the educational realm – that is, we are especially interested in extending the landscape of children’s craft activities.

In Memoriam …


Day 1 of our @ScienceDisco E-textiles camp for middle schoolers, taught by @cuatlas Ph.D. student @4Eyes6Senses and @CUEngineering CS Ph.D. student Michael Schneider.


For kids in grades 6-8: Don’t miss out on this chance to craft with e-textiles! No programming or sewing experience necessary. This workshop takes place in person on the CU campus. Registration closes this Friday! @cuatlas @CUEngineering

The #ThreadBoard is part of an @NSF project called “Debugging by Design”, where we are developing tools for debugging e-textiles.

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